Professional Learning Communities

I am lucky enough to be connected formally in several learning communities as outlined in my graphic.  Through my school, I am connected with our leadership team who encourage each other to read literature, blogs, and social media.  Beyond encouraging each other to engage in learning, we also share back our learning on a bi-weekly basis.  I have also taken this model and used it with my IT/Innovation team, encouraging them to learn and share.  Furthermore, there are also several of us at the school who are regular readers. We share books, and engage in regular dialogue.

Since moving to South America, I have slowly been connecting with other IT Directors in the region.  This has allowed me to create powerful connections and open up conversations around issues that are impacting all of our work. I recently traveled to two of these schools and was able to solidify my connections further.  This past August I traveled to Stanford for a course on Design Thinking.  Upon completion of the course we created a Slack group to stay connected and continue the learning.  Lastly, I use Twitter regularly to stay connected with other professionals in IT/Innovation, and EdTech.

Hello world!

Greeting Everyone!  My name is Ryan Persaud and I originally hail from Toronto, Canada.  I currently live in Curitiba, Brazil and am the Director of IT and Innovation at the International School of Curitiba.  I am excited to be a part of Cohort 11.

You can find me on Twitter @ryanpersaud23

I have been interested in COETAIL for a number of years but the timing was never right.  I figured with a new job, and a new school, why not start now, LOL! I am looking forward to learning with everyone and getting to know all of you better.